Youth Development

Youth Development

Prosurements focused project is nestled in the heart Mpumalanga’s mountains.  Here group of 40 men are Rebooting their lives! Some were in prison others in homeless shelters..all were desperate for change!

When one reboots a computer you have press Cntrl Alt Delete.

Reboot uses this concept to help our guys understand self control. (Cntrl) Drugs eventually takes away the ability to control behavior. Once hooked all that matters is the next fix. Mothers and sisters and communities most sentimental and valuable property were stolen and sold for that next fix. The alienation caused most of these young men to land up in prison and on the street…rock bottom, or as they describe it  ‘asval’!

Prosurement together with Young Africa Development Group understands the need to restore these young lives. Our aim is engage business into this project so that we use Skills Development (SD), Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)and Socio Economic Development (SED) sunk cost in a productive and meaningful way.

Alter Attitude(Alt)The township criminal lifestyle comes standard with a defensive rotten victim mentality and a fear based intimidating attitude. Reboot works on specific programming in the form of daily workshops to challenge and replace these attitudes! Through Affirmations and visualization exercises we seek to reprogram negative self defeating mindsets.

Our Skills and Business Incubation project for SMME Development initiatives for 2019 include:

Brick Making.

Building Construction.





Finally Deleting the past through a deep connection with our creator and maker underscores all our efforts. We are in the process of partnering with Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa to have there students provide spiritual counseling.